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A good deck starts with a solid foundation. We use an underground footing form sized to your decks specific loaf requirements and bury it a minimum or 18″ below ground. Above ground we choose a 10″ round form with a minimum of 12″ above ground to ensure your posts stay rot free. Your post is then mounted on a Simpson stand off post base for maximum stability. These deck footings will stand the test of time and look great while doing so.


The vast majority of decks fail due to fungal growth, AKA dry rot. We have found that this rot tends to show up in the same areas and are often at vital structural connections. The main culprit is the use of untreated lumber in combination with the build up of organic material. Advances in hardware , flashing materials and new framing techniques allow us to avoid these wood to wood connections that cause these issues. We never flat block even on the most intricate inlays to insure that debris will wash right through your deck instead of building up in the joints. These are just a few of the many solutions we have prescribed to insure your framing will last. For those looking to reach the next level of durability we also offer powder coated steel framing as an upgrade. Feel free to ask for more details during your site visit and we would be happy to inform you further on what sets us apart.


We offer a wide variety of decking products and colors. Our deck tops are locked in with Fastenmaster stainless steel hidden fasteners, not vinyl clips. We also take the time to chamfer every cut edge to make sure your deck top is smooth, clean and snag free. Unlike a traditional composite deck install we picture frame every deck with a border board to hide all the cut edges. This provides a clean look, protects the rim joist from weather and gives a great opportunity to add a contrasting color to your deck top. At Stone Ridge we treat your deck top like a work of art


Keeping the cut edges from exposure is not just an aesthetic goal, it is also essential to the durability of your composite board. This is especially difficult to accomplish on a stair set. To solve this problem, we have developed a unique assembly method that not only functions well but gives a finished look second to none. Each riser board is carefully mitered and epoxied into the stringer facia creating a seamless full wrap finish. Just like your deck top we then then take the time to picture frame each step and overhang the facia to bring that extra visual definition as well as adding extra protection to your framing members.

5. Railing

If you are looking into a new deck, my guess is that you are no stranger to a wobbly, bulky and high maintenance railing system. You have most likely spent quite a bit of time sanding, painting and tightening bolts keeping your fingers crossed that no one will fall through the railing at your summer BBQ party. We offer a wide selection of maintenance free railing product so you can spend your summer enjoying the view and feeling safe while doing so.


Now it’s time for the fun stuff; lights, fire pit, pergola, outdoor kitchen and living. You name it, we can handle it. Feel free to check out our portfolio for inspiration or try and challenge us with something new. Accessories can be the key to the transforming your deck into an outdoor dream space.