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At Stone Ridge we firmly believe that happy employees are the key to a thriving business. We hire based on character, ethics and aptitude. Our success as a team is directly tied to your success as an individual which is why an investment in your future is also investment in our future. Experience the direct fruits of your labor everyday and enjoy the benefits of building outstanding projects for outstanding clients.


Field Crew

Work day to day learning from the best in the business about how to build decks the Stone Ridge way. All job positions in the field will include carpentry and physical labor. We all work together to get things done and no position is exempt from hard work. Many hands make the more laborious parts of the job go quickly and sweat is the glue that hold a crew together. Prior to becoming a foreman you will be able to earn more credentials and money by taking on one or all of our specialized positions which include, demo lead, concrete specialist, decking specialist, railing specialist, lighting and electrical specialist and eventually lead carpenter. If you’re not growing you’re dying and we believe every member here has the potential to be running a crew. Let’s work together to get you there.


The foreman position is not just about mastering the art of construction, it is also about mastering the art of leadership. There are few jobs more difficult and more fulfilling. If you are always the first to show, the last to leave and find that people tend to listen when you talk, this is the place for you. Intelligence, poise and charisma are some of the skills that will help you excel. We rely heavily on the judgment and decision making skills of the job foreman. You will not be micromanaged and your pay rate will be based on performance. Foreman get a company truck, loaded tool tailer and 3 crew members to start.

We prefer to promote foreman from within however we know there are some badass’s out there with the chops to jump straight in. If this is you then let’s talk.

Estimator / Material Manager

To mitigate communication errors and increase accountability we have combined two positions into one. You will be managing the job materials through the whole process of plan set take-off, estimates, purchase orders delivery and returns. You will also be in charge of keeping our large selection of stock hardware products in tact. There will be daily to semi weekly communications with our admin staff, job foreman and our sales reps at our various suppliers and manufactures. Your schedule will be flexible however you need to be dependable. This job will most likely be part time in the start as you get used to our program however it can quickly become a full time job depending on your ability to learn and take on new tasks. Work will be done from home or wherever you have access to your computer. It will also include job site and yard visits periodically.

Skills that will help you excel here- Good thorough communication via email, text and on the phone. Competence with construction materials, math and numbers, spreadsheets (excel/numbers, google sheets) , drafting (Sketch/CAD), construction estimating (bluebeam,revu), ability to read blueprints and most importantly teamwork. We all rely on each other and work together as a team to insure our mutual success and growth.

Sales Representative

As the sales rep you will make first contact with our prospective clients. Your confident knowledge of the industry and our method as well as the ability to navigate the art of sales will determine you success to land the deal. You will be scheduling and conducting bids and field measures for our pre-designed and custom decks. We use state of the art measuring tools to transcribe a field measure to a 3D CAD file that the design team can work with. You will be trained on all of our products, methods and procedures so you can roll out of every sale confident and ready to sell. This job will be 80% in the field doing bids/ field measures and 20% at your home office scheduling, refining design files and communicating with clients. Light computer skills will definitely help you succeed however good communications skills, knowledge of our business and charisma will matter the most.

Creative Design

Our custom deck division has no limits on what they can build, and some of our clients give us that freedom to take it to the moon where the only limitation is your imagination. However most projects will need to stay in the confinements of budget, space, elevation, building code, HOA and structural restrictions.  The ability to design and award winning outdoor living space while adhering to all of theses demands is what makes a creative designer excel.  Knowledge of our industry and products will become essential to learn as well as electronic design skills. Experience in programs like CAD, Photoshop, REVIT, SketchUp as well as the ability to communicate effectively with clients will all determine your success in this position. We recommend taking some time to go through our Custom Deck design criteria form on the Stone Ridge  webpage to get an idea of the type of work scope you will be receiving from the client. Design work will include decking, landscaping, pergola’s, roof covers, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features and any other features you can dream up.


After our creative design team comes up with an approved concept for the deck it will be up to you to turn that concept into reality. All of our deck plans include a site plan, elevations, foundation plan, framing plan and decking/rail plan with all applicable details. To cut cost and simplify our projects we have developed a unique process of building decks that will include the frequent use of the same types of hardware and materials. We have also standardized most of our build methods and connections details so the process can be streamlined from design to build. Our large customs decks will take a little more time, creativity and knowledge of general construction and connective hardware, however our prefabricated models and other simple custom decks will fit into a template that we have created. These plan set will be cheap and fast and most of the time will be spent creating site plans. This job will have a flexible schedule where you can work from home at your own pace. Compensation can be hourly or on a project basis. A good knowledge of Simpsons decking hardware along with proficient CAD drafting skills and self motivation will be the key to success.

Structural Engineer

A good portion of our decks lie outside the prescriptive guidelines and require a licensed structural engineer to insure that we have designed a deck that will handle all that mother nature and our clients can throw at it. We also need structural calculations on our roof covers, retaining walls and steel framed decks. It will be essential that you have an updated knowledge of Simpson Strong Tie’s catalog as well as a practical knowledge and understanding of how to build and mitigate dry rot. Knowing our local soils, topography, climate, building departments as well as thorough and prompt communication with our draftsman will also help you succeed. This position is not just about running calculations but also guiding us with your expert advise and contraction experience.


Stone Ridge Decking employees turn hard work into actual results. They are driven. They work to improve and innovate every single day. They never settle for anything less than the best. Want to know what it’s like to work here? Take a look around.